Selling Your Home

Readying your House for the Market

When you list your home, it’s important to be in good hands. Making a good first impression is crucial to selling your home quickly and profitably. Many factors influence the initial surge of interest in your listing, particularly staging, photos, pricing, and marketing. Leading up to list, it is important to take measures to optimize your visibility. In my 15 years of experience as a realtor, I’ve developed an efficient, effective schedule to ensure your listing is ready to go and get the most showings right out of the gate. Based off of what we agree to update prior to list, my team and I will arrange appointments with various trusted vendors so you don’t have to lift a finger to ready your home for the market.

Staging Your Home

Home staging can be a huge asset when putting your home on the market. Staging can transform a plain or empty listing into a beautiful, comfortable place that buyers want to call home. I have a great working relationship with some of Nashville’s best stagers, and can make sure your home is decorated and ready to go in time for list. Another option for your listing is virtual staging, where decor is digitally added to photos of your property. It is more affordable and has been shown to draw more people to listings. If you’re interested in staging your property, I can help you choose which option is best for you and organize staging, whether it be virtual or physical.


Photos are arguably one of the most important factors in gathering attention to your listings. A crisp, bright, clean photo will attract more showings than a few dark, low quality cell phone photos. There are a lot of options for real estate photography, and not all photographers are equal. Throughout the 15 years I’ve worked in real estate, I’ve been lucky to establish relationships with some of the best photographers and am proud to showcase their work regularly on my listings. I like to go to each home to meet the photographer and make sure everything is in tip top shape while being photographed because I understand that good photos are the ultimate asset when selling a home.


Pricing is everything when it comes to selling a house. The wrong price can result in a listing that sits on the market 9 months, while the right price can result in multiple offers and a sale above ask price in less than a week. Because of this, it is of utmost importance that you work with a realtor who knows how to price competitively. With 15 years experience pricing Nashville properties, I’ve got the knowledge and instincts to price your home perfectly to ensure you get the highest profit in the shortest amount of time. My pricing is based off of extensive research of other homes similar to yours, attention to detail, and in depth knowledge of your home. I will keep you in the loop throughout this entire process and make sure I’m always putting your priorities as seller first.


To further ensure an efficient sale, my marketing team will strategize the best way to get everyone’s attention on your home. My team uses only the most informed and elegant designs to market your property, setting your listing apart from all the others. Leading up to list, I will send “coming soon” materials out to my extensive network of agents and potential buyers. This pre-market buzz frequently results in more showings, multiple offers, and sometimes even a sale without ever having to list the home at all. Every agent and buyer wants to have the “in” on a new Nashville property, and I know how to give it to them. Once we list your home, we will send out notifications and targeted advertisements to my network, the Nashville area, and sometimes the entire US. Your buyer is out there, and I will bring them to you.


Communication is so important when someone entrusts you with the job of selling their home. I always make sure to keep my sellers in the loop without overwhelming them with information. Through the entire process of selling your home, I will check in with you to keep you up to date and go over all paperwork as it comes in. As you should, you will have a primary role in all decisions made regarding your listing, and I will be here to guide you throughout. I am very attentive to my phone and email, and will always be sure to address any questions or comments you have as soon as possible while we work together. Selling your home is a big life event, and it is my job to make it as easy as possible.

Staging Checklist